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Bali RASA Retreat 2016 - Ruci 0

Rasa retreat, Bali, Indonesia

  After experiencing an absolutely liberating journey here in Sidemen, a part that is still untampered by modern life, I would like to invite you to experience the magic of Bali – the land of Tantra!...

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Rocinha favela, Rio de Janeiro

Doing a tour of the infamous Rio favelas (slums) is now relatively easy. With everything becoming touristy, for a certain fee you can get your fix of poverty porn in Rio de Janeiro. The...

Kashmir - on the Dal Lake 17

Dear RoseChasm: India, the Untold Story

Dear RoseChasm (or is it Michaela Cross?), I read your India story. I empathized. I understood. I even shared it with influential people in the travel business asking them to pass it on to...